Vegan pizza

If you eat a plant-based diet, we always have a broad selection of vegan pizzas. We believe that those who choose to not eat animal based products should have as good a pizza experience as anybody else. Since we started Pico Pizza in Nørrebro, we have always had vegan pizza on the menu. We offer quality vegan pizza in almost all of Copenhagen and we’re very proud of that. See all of our locations here.

Therefore, when we develop a vegan pizza, we do so with care and thought for taste and appearance. We often use our homemade cashew cream or butternut squash puree to add the fattiness that cheese would have normally done. We also use inactive yeast flakes to provide depth. And, every time we create a vegan pizza, there must of course be balance in the flavour combination.

Plant-based diet

There may be several reasons why someone chooses to eat only vegan food. This means eating plant-based foods. So, no meat, eggs, cheese, mayonnaise, dairy products etc. A vegan pizza and plant-based pizza will also be a milk-free pizza.

Vegan diets are often quite healthy. This is because there is more focus on vegetables, which contains a lot of vitamins and fiber. There are also some who choose a vegan diet as it puts less strain on the environment to produce fruits and vegetables compared to meat and dairy products. Finally, many people choose a plant-based diet because of animal welfare.

Whatever your reason is, we welcome you with open arms in Pico Pizza, and we have thought of you in particular! Are you into vegetarian pizza, or are you gluten intolerant, then we can handle that too.

Vegansk pizza København

Vegan pizza in København

When we create vegan pizza at Pico Pizza, we don’t remove anything from a pizza to make it vegan. We have been thinking about flavor and texture combinations that can be made with vegan ingredients, right from the get go.

Cheese usually adds some fattiness to a pizza. But, as everyone knows, it’s not possible to use cheese on vegan pizza. Instead, we make our own alternatives, like cashew cream and butternut squash puree. We do this as we haven’t found any vegan cheeses we like. If you think there’s a product we need to take a closer look at, please let us know.

In addition, our seasonal salad is always vegan. We want those who eat vegan foods to have as good an experience at Pico Pizza, and have something to choose from, just as much as their friends.

Take a look at our menu and keep an eye out for the ‘V’ icon to see our vegan options. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to see our newest vegan pizzas. Here we would also really like to hear what you think about our vegan options.

You can also book a table with us or order pizza to pick up.

We look forward to seeing you!



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