Are you a company or a group of more than 8 people planning a dinner out? Then Pico Pizza is the ideal choice for your next event. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday, a Christmas party, a company dinner or just a nice evening out with friends, our restaurants in Copenhagen are the obvious place to gather and enjoy good food and good company.

Our premises are suitable for larger festive events, where we also offer all you can drink and family style menus in our Copenhagen locations. For larger groups of +12 people, we can offer our restaurants in Nørrebro, Nordvest and Valby.

Do you want to facilitate a customer meeting outside the office? We also offer private dining in Copenhagen by appointment in the middle of the day, so you can enjoy a delicious lunch together. Simply fill out the form below and tell us about your wishes and needs.


Please note that the booking is only valid when you have received a confirmation via e-mail from one of our employees.

Try our group menus in Copenhagen

We offer two different group menus/packages for both lunch and dinner, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our specialty is gourmet mini-pizzas with a sourdough base, available in a wide selection of well-known classics and new interpretations. In our menus, you choose entirely yourself which pizzas you prefer. Remember that we also offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives, so there is something for everyone.

Pico Night Out

430 dkk/pers.

Selection of pizzas and seasonal salad, served family style at the table
(equivalent of three pizzas per person)

Homemade crust dips

Homemade tiramisu

Cocktails, beer, wine, bubbles, soft drinks, lemonade and filtered water w/o bubbles (ad lib. 2 hours)

Pizza & Dips

209 dkk/pers.

Selection of pizzas and seasonal salad, served family style at the table
(equivalent of three pizzas per person)

Homemade crust dips

Filtered water w/o bubbles (ad lib. 2 hours)

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If you have any questions, please fill out the form below with your questions in the commentary field.

If you have questions or changes to an existing group booking, feel free to email grupper@picopizza.dk. Then we will reply as soon as possible.

Group dinners in Copenhagen

We welcome all types of groups at Pico Pizza! Regardless of whether you are planning a birthday party, an anniversary, a company party, a team building event, a meeting outside the office, or just a nice gathering with friends, our restaurants in the Copenhagen area are an obvious choice.

We look forward to welcoming both private and business guests and creating a good atmosphere for your event, regardless of whether you are a small group or a large gathering. Our flexible packages and group menus allow you to adapt the event to your needs and wishes.

If you want your groups to sit privately, this can be planned upon agreement. Just let us know in your inquiry so that we can meet your wishes and needs.



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