Gluten-free pizza

Attention! If you’re celiac we recommend that you read the whole page.

We’re proud of our gluten-free pizza.

Pizza is some of the very best we know. For that simple reason, we at Pico Pizza, don’t think that you should miss out on good pizza, if you don’t eat gluten. That is why we, in collaboration with the skilled bakers at Feelgood Bakery, have developed our very own gluten-free pizza dough.

We have put a lot of effort into  developing our gluten-free pizza. And we think it has become really good. The gluten-free pizza dough has a texture and airiness that is much like regular pizza dough. We hope you enjoy it!

Good to know

  • We handle all doughs, gluten-free as well as regular dough, with rice flour. 
  • There is no wheat flour in our restaurants at all.
  • We bake all pizzas in the same oven, on the same stone and at the same countertop, which makes cross-contamination, and traces of gluten, a risk.

Naturally free from gluten (NGF)

There are several ways to make gluten-free pizza. As with everything else, the result you end up with depends a lot on which ingredients you use. It’s possible to get gluten-free flour, where you have removed gluten from otherwise gluten-containing flour via chemical processes. It’s the easy solution. And we honestly think that’s like cheating a little. In our eyes, it also doesn’t give a nearly as good product as if you put in the extra work and use the right ingredients.

Our dough is NGF, which stands for ‘naturally gluten-free’ and means that the dough is naturally completely gluten-free. This is where you can talk about using the ‘right ingredients’. Our recipe is based only on flours that are naturally free of gluten, such as whole grain rice flour and sorghum flour.

We take pride in using high quality produce instead of ingredients that have been chemically or otherwise manipulated in order to become gluten free. On top of this our gluten free dough requires a bit of extra love when handling it and therefore we need to put a small surcharge on our gluten free trios.

How we handle gluten-free dough at Pico Pizza

Are you celiac? Read this.

It’s important for our guests to know that our gluten-free pizza dough is handled in the same kitchen area and baked in the same oven as our regular pizza dough. Therefore, there may be a risk of cross-contamination and of traces of gluten.

No wheat flour
However, all dough is handled with rice flour in our restaurants before baking, which makes the risk very low. We have no loose wheat-flour in our restaurants.

Your choice
At Pico Pizza we do our best in order to ensure that we in good conscience can serve our gluten free pizzas to guests with gluten intolerance, but if you do have celiac disease, it’s up to you to decide if you feel safe dining with us.

We have had our gluten free pizza dough tested in a laboratory at Eurofins Stein. Product can contain up to 20 mg gluten/kg, to be marked as being gluten-free.

In November 2023 we did three tests. One unbaked and one baked pizza dough contained such low amounts of gluten that it couldn’t be detected. One baked pizza dough contained 14 mg gluten/kg.


The Danish Health Authority published a paper on ‘Celiac Disease and Food without Gluten’ (paper in Danish) where gluten free products can contain no more than 20 mg gluten/kg. The Danish Food Administration’s guidelines for marketing of gluten free products (in Danish) says the same.

We are therefore proud that we in good conscience can serve our gluten free pizzas as proper gluten free. As always it is an individual decision whether or not one feels safe dining with us. We do what we can to meet the demands so that we can serve our gluten free pizzas with a smile.

We have many happy guests who experience problems with other products containing  gluten. Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you think our gluten-free pizza is for you. However, we hope you’ll come by and taste our gluten-free pizza. If you have follow-up questions, you’re welcome to contact us at info@picopizza.dk.

Glutenfri pizza i København

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in some grains that makes dough elastic. It’s found especially in wheat, rye and barley. Some people have a disease called celiac disease, which means they can’t tolerate gluten, while others are more or less intolerant and prefer to stay away from foods containing gluten. Based on how we handle our gluten-free dough it’s up to you if it’s a product you want to try.

If you’re one of those who prefer to eat gluten-free food, then our gluten-free pizza dough might be something for you. Remember to choose it when you order pizza from us. We look forward to giving you a gluten-free pizza experience. Order takeaway or book a table in one of our restaurants.

If you have other wishes for your pizza, if you eat vegetarian or vegan pizza, for example, we can easily accommodate this. See our menu for all options.

If you have a larger event, we can also provide catering.

We look forward to seeing you!



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