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From time to time, we’re looking for new talented colleagues to fill a variety of positions.

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If you’re looking for a fun student job or you have high ambitions to be the best pizzaiolo in the country, we got a spot for you! Hear more about the different roles in the Pico family.

Medarbejder i Pico Pizza


Waitress, 21, Denmark

“I’m in charge for making our guests feel welcome. I greet them, find them a menu and tell them about the concept. In that way, I’m the link between the guest and the kitchen, so it’s up to me to make everything happen.

There’s always a good atmosphere, and I really like the decor, so it’s a super cosy space to work in. And good colleagues is always a plus! We’re a team and everyone is very nice to work with.”

Favourite pizza: Rosemary’s Bacon. With cashew creme in stead of cheese.


Topper, 25, Spain

“Great pizza, better people. That’s how I would describe Pico with one sentence. There’s a good work environment, and since it can be a little stressful at times, it’s nice to know that you’re working with people whom you get along with. Everyone is very easygoing and friendly, so it makes you feel very welcome. 

For me, this is a great job to have next to my studies. I like that when I work at Pico, I’m doing the exact opposite of sitting at a desk, looking into a screen and studying. I get to work fast, use my body and be social.”

Favourite pizza: the Margherita is that kind of pizza that tells you if a pizzeria is good or not. And I think the Margherita at Pico is really, really good.

Medarbejder i Pico Pizza
Medarbejder i Pico Pizza


Pizzaiolo, 29, Argentina

“Of course you learn how to make good pizza being a pizzaiolo, but I’ve also learned a lot about teamwork and adapting to different personalities. You talk to a lot of people in one day, and everybody is looking for different dining experiences.

When you start at Pico the most important thing is to have a good attitude. If you’re open and have a good energy, you can learn a lot. It’s okay not knowing lots of things from the beginning. it will come.”

Favourite pizza: Sweet Cheesus! No doubt.


Restaurant Manager, 26, Argentina

“I started out as a pizzaiolo, but when the second shop came along I was promoted to Restaurant Manager. Even though I have that role, I’m not being put in a box. We all work together to create a nice dining experience for our guests. I have more responsibility, but it’s a team effort.

We got people from all over the world. I like learning about other cultures. In Argentina, where I’m from, we have this famous deep pan pizza with lots of cheese, so it’s cool to learn from talented pizzaiolos, where some have more than 10 years of experience.”

Favourite pizza: Sweet Cheesus. But the Argentinian pizza is the best one in the world. Sorry italians!

Medarbejder i Pico Pizza
Medarbejder i Pico Pizza


Operations Manager, 29, Denmark

“As an Operations Manager you have a lot of freedom to manage responsibly. If you like having a lot of balls in the air and to be challenged, then you get that. You see results quickly, and it’s possible to create your own results, because new ideas can quickly be brought to life in collaboration with the Restaurant Manager.

You have to be comfortable with having lots of balls in the air. It can feel very busy at times, but it’s also good to be challenged. You have to thrive with thinking on the go.”

Favourite pizza: Margherita. Simple and classic.



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