Pico Pizza in Valby

Pico Pizza Valby
Pakkerivej 3, 2500 København

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday: 16.00-23.00 (kitchen 21.00)
Friday: 16.00-23.30 (kitchen 22.00)
Saturday: 12.00-23.30 (kitchen 22.00)
Sunday: 12.00-23.00 (kitchen 21.00)

Pizza i Valby

Pico Pizza in Valby

In Valby you’ll find one of our biggest Pico Pizza restaurants to date. With more than 50 indoor seats and more than 30 outdoor seats, it’s the perfect place to feel the Friday vibes, do big events or simply soak up the afternoon sun. 

Our menu offers mini pizzas made with sourdough and good quality produce. You’ll find both traditional as well as unusual and surprising topping combinations. We also have a selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free pizza.

We look forward to see you in the restaurant, where you can book a table or just drop by. You can also order takeaway or catering for bigger events.

Maybe the best pizza in Valby?

Pico Pizza is a pizzeria for the indecisive type. You’ll pick three mini pizzas instead of one big pizza. This way you’ll taste a few different gourmet pizzas. We have traditional pizzas such as the Capricciosa and Margherita, but we’re also inspired by other worldly cuisines and unusual dishes. We don’t see ourselves as a regular pizzeria, but as someone who play with the food and the traditions. The similarity is that we strive to pick out good quality produce. Our pizza dough is our own recipe and made with sourdough that has fermented for 72 hours.

Do we have the best pizza in Valby? We think so, and we invite you to come and taste them and make up your own mind.

Most guests choose a Pico Trio, which is three mini pizzas that adds up to one regular sized pizza. It’s also possible to buy a single mini pizza. Get the most out of your pizza experience and try our homemade crust dips. That way we’re sure you’ll enjoy every crumb!


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