Wine for pizza

If you visit the homeland of the pizza, Italy, there should be no doubt thar wine and pizza is a natural and obvious match. We strongly agree. Just like pizza, wine comes in colours red, white and even orange. A red wine can be dark and heavy, even full bodied, or light and fruity. White wine can be dry, crisp or fruity. And then there’s orange wine that can have all sorts of characteristics. There’s also rosé which is a popular wine during summer. It’s often a bit more fruity than white wine, and can work very well with pizzas. Then there’s more funky and special kind of wines like Lambrusco, which is not actually really a wine, but can be matched with pizzas anyway.

So, what’s the best wine for pizza, you ask?

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The best wine for pizza

Just like all other beverages you pair with food, there’s no simple answer and no specific wine that’s the best.

It’s all about finding a combination where the food and beverage compliments each other. The food is gonna make the wine taste even better and vice versa.

If you have a pizza with bold flavours then red wine that is also bold is often a good choice. These bold flavours can be ingredients like ripe tomato, matured Parmesan, rosemary, sage, chili, olive, dried ham and anchovies. Just like a casserole or a good steak with gravy. If the wine is not bold and full bodied it can be experienced as being to different from the flavour profile of the food. And the wine will feel too watery and maybe even make the food taste overpowering.

Or maybe you have a pizza with a more mild and light flavour profile, where a white wine would be a good choice. For example a crisp or one that has more body. You can also try a light red wine.

Orange wine for pizza is somewhere in the middle. If you wanna try something exciting then give a nice bottle of Lambrusco a chance. Lambrusco is a light, slightly fizzy, red wine, often containing 6-7 % of alcohol. It has a bit of a bad reputation, but a few really good Lambruscos have entered the market within the last few years.

Pepperoni pizza København

Wine and pizza at Pico Pizza

At Pico Pizza we have organic wine from our good friends at Vinhanen. There are both german, french and italian producers. We also have draft wine which results in minimal contact with oxygenation of the wine when being taken from the big tanks. It means that the wine in your glass is as fresh as possible. Oxygen is the reason that wine go bad after opening a bottle.

Our wine at Pico Pizza is often non-filtered. They are not completely see-through, but it will preserve as much flavour as possible. 

We serve our wine for pizza at 15-16 degrees. That way the wine doesn’t become too warm when being poured into the glass.

If you’re looking for wine for vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free pizzas then we definitely have something that will fit you and your likes!

If you wanna visit one of our restaurants and try our selection of wine for the pizzas, you can book a table or order pick-up. We love to send over a freshly poured bottle of wine to go with your pizzas.

Vi ser frem til at servere pizzaer for dig!



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