Gourmet pizza

Dishes like pizza, burgers, and hotdogs have traditionally been dismissed as bad fast food. As you may remember, it was actually called junk food. Something you would eat when it had to be easy and fast, but where you sacrificed quality. Today, however, several of these “junk” food concepts have been revamped into gourmet versions… and gourmet pizza is one of the most popular ones. 

At Pico Pizza, we have created our own version of the gourmet pizza.

Respect for ingredients

When you talk about gourmet pizza, it’s about using fresh ingredients of great quality. At Pico Pizza, we use fresh pizza dough that has fermented for 72 hours. The same element of freshness applies to our pizza sauce which is made with deep respect for the tomatoes. The goal is to elevate the pure flavor of tomato as well as possible. Our pizza toppings are also chosen based on principles of taste and quality. Serving gourmet pizzas is also about finding that unique combination of ingredients that you might not always want to use on a pizza – e.g. fried capers and lemon oil. We are always trying to find new tasty, interesting, and surprising flavor combinations. 

We are always open for suggestions on creative pizza toppings. Follow us on Instagram to see our newest gourmet pizzas, and feel free to leave a comment with ideas for our next flavor combination.

Pepperoni pizza København

Gourmet pizza in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is packed with gourmet pizza restaurants, and Pico Pizza is one of them. However, Pico Pizza stands out from the crowd. At Pico Pizza you can choose up to three different mini pizzas, offering you three different tasting experiences. This means you won’t have to commit to a single pizza on the menu. If you, for example, are two people coming to dine, you can choose up to six different pizzas – three each. Take a look at our menu and see if there is something that suits your palate, and enjoy them in one of our pizza restaurants in Copenhagen

A gourmet pizza at Pico Pizza is created with great care and respect for the ingredients, and for those who will eat the pizza. That’s why we also offer a number of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on the menu. Everybody wants a good pizza experience. Order takeaway or book a table in one of our pizza restaurants today.

Gourmet pizza for weekends and weekdays

There is never a day when pizza is not appropriate. Once pizza was fast food; bad food made with the cheapest ingredients. That’s not the story of Pico Pizza. We select our products carefully in order to meet our high standards. In other words, we would never serve anything that we wouldn’t want to eat ourselves. 

We believe that pizza is just as good on weekdays as it is on weekends. Both for when you want a proper meal with good ingredients, and also for when you want to celebrate – whatever that celebration is finally reaching the weekend, a birthday, a company party, or something similar. 

If you need a break from cooking, you can either book a table or order for pickup. If you have guests or if you are hosting a larger event, you can also order catering.

We look forward to seeing you!



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