Beer and pizza

It’s difficult to think of  a better combination than beer and pizza. Maybe, wine and pizza but that would be like choosing between your children.

When choosing beer for pizza, apply some of the same principles as choosing toppings. The beer and the pizza can compliment each other. That way they will bring out the best flavours for each other.

Why is beer and pizza so good together?

Why is it that some beverages match certain dishes so well? In the case with beer and pizza, it’s often because one has characteristics  that the other one doesn’t. 

A pizza is supposed to be served warm and it has a solid format. A beer is quite the opposite of this. Also, the melted cheese from the pizza add some fattiness, both in taste and texture. Tomato sauce is a little acidic and combined with ham you get some sweetness. Overall, you’d always like some saltiness from all ingredients.

As mentioned, beer has quite the opposite characteristics. First and foremost, beer is supposed to be cold as ice. It’s liquid and refreshing which is already matching the pizza well.

The cold beer is a really good match for the warm pizza and the refreshing feeling works well for the salty pizza.

Øl til pizza

There’s also a difference in beer types. A lager or pilsner can be perceived as crisp and even a little dry. A classic type of beer can seem almost fatty. An IPA can feel more citrusy , depending on which hops is used.It can be a little bitter too.

We’re just covering a tiny part of all the types of beers out there. Lots of micro breweries are making very interesting beers that are worth to try. First, pick a beer and taste it. Analyze the flavour and then play around with cooking a pizza that matches the beer.

 There are a lot of different options to create exciting combinations of flavour, when matching beer and pizza. And if you do it right you’ll be able to take the taste to new heights.

We’d love to see which beers you’ll match with our pizzas and also what you cook at home. Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook and see when we match beer and pizza. We’d love to hear your opinion as well!

Beer and pizza at Pico Pizza

As you must have guessed by now, we love beer and pizza at Pico Pizza. That’s why we’ve chosen TO ØL as partners. Try freshly tapped draft beer in our restaurants or take home canned beer to enjoy.

We’ve chosen TO ØL’s organic pilsner named 45 Days Organic Pilsner, and their City Session IPA. We think that both beers tastes very good on their own. But we especially think that they compliment our pizzas very well. Make up your own mind by booking a table and try our pizza and draft beer or by ordering pick-up to enjoy pizzas and ice cold canned beer at home.

We look forward to see you!



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