Pizza Vesterbro

Vesterbrogade 135, 1620 København V

You know it for sure. The doubt that hits you when you stand with your local pizza pushers infinitely long menu card in your hands. Should you go with the favourite that you usually choose, or should you instead go with a new one from the menu? We got pretty tired of that problem. So, we fixed it. At Pico Pizza on Vesterbro, we therefore serve you, not one big pizza, but instead several smaller sourdough pizzas. Because why settle for one?

Try our pico-size pizzas

We are your new local pizza pusher on Vesterbro. At Pico you don’t have to compromise and choose one pizza, to cure your hangovers or make Fridays extra festive. We serve pizzas in pico-size, which gives you plenty opportunity to try several different flavours on the menu. And what is pico-size then? Well, we’ll tell you. Pico-size is smaller organic sourdough pizzas, so you can try one, two, three or even more from the menu.

Three instead of one

The concept at Pico at Vesterbro is quite simple. On our menu you will find a wide selection of pizzas all made from organic sourdough. On the menu you will find everything from the well-known classics like Hawaii, Capriccioso and Margherita to flavours you probably haven’t seen or tasted before, but which you’ll love. At Pico Pizza on Vesterbro, you will typically choose our ‘Trio’ consisting of three pizzas from the menu. You can also try our ‘Combo’ that includes a drink.

Find us at Vesterbro

You will find us at cosy Vesterbro. We are located on Vesterbrogade 135, from where we look forward to serving you our large selection of delicious Pico pizzas and lots of great atmosphere. 

If you prefer our pizza to-go to enjoy on the sofa, in the park or somewhere else, you can order your favourites to go at Pico Pizza on Vesterbro at any time. Our ‘Trio’ is served in our unique pico-size box that perfectly suits your three favourites from Pico.

See you at Vesterbro?

Swing by our restaurant on Vesterbro or bring your favourites home in the living room.

We are open Monday-Thursday from 5 pm – 8.30 pm, Fridays from 5 pm – 9.30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm – 8.30 pm We look forward to see you and to serve you lots of good mood and really delicious pizza.

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